Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



I think I am a very big fan she’s cute!



The end is complete…


We only need to have a zombie piggirl to finish off the nether.


I must do this
In honor of MrBeast


I don’t think anyone understands how gay I am for this woman and that just upsets me greatly




Go to my Gt for more info


No, I know what the joke is


Tbh I don’t think there are enough people on the forum anymore to get it to most liked


Sometimes I think about prime trilogy overlord and I just


Who gave this man the right to be this ugly


Sure there is!
The problem is spreading the word


I think some of the Bay is leaking in.

Call the people who make these comics so you can help come up with a smoother official version of this guy.




My mom got mad at me for posting this bc she said it was too political hsmgdjdl


Why are hopscotch crushes a thing lol


hhsgs that’s one of the worst things about hopscotch


“Hi I’m ten years old and another ten year old was nice to me on the internet so now i want to date them on a coding app”


Oemg who ships me with this person I mean haha I don’t like ships lol but I mean do u ship me like do u pls do u


cutekawaiigirl29716 x edgydemonboi00 is my favorite ship!!