Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)





Sometimes i watch guys get old rare consoles and think ‘how do you get that. How did you get that super obscure Nintendo Licensed Joystick For A PC’


Im still upset i missed diddy kong racing ds. I should probably get an ebay account


She is going to turn one year old next week


image image


hoo ah.


Omigosh happy week early bday Buttercup!!



Snazzy sweater Darth S’more!


he wears a jacket??? ?!?


he does now… >:) mwoyhoyhoyhoy



That’s how you laugh without using “a”.


I just can’t make up my mind on how I want my style to look, I started using a new style for literally two days and then changed it again what do I want


Combine them and see what happens.


I don’t remember making this but it was in my ibispaint gallery from like November.
My theory is that I didn’t finish it bc I was frustrated w/ glowstrikes arm which does not look like it was working for me


@Healeybot1 every time I try to go to your gt the webpage crashes?



I uh

Wanted to make an end crystal fireplace(?)/container of sorts so

Tell me what you think. due to weird block constraints i tried to do my best

Now i have to rebuild like half of the end city cause explody explody


That looks really cool, idk how to build anything besides a house in Minecraft i didn’t know you could make Fireplace s that’s wild
It’s pretty


Thanks! I wanted to make an end house and wanted to put a crystal in.


It explodes


Also what dya think of my endermite girl?