Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



even quoting the post u can


Oh I’m almost home hold on I’ll join


yay, cool sauce, it’s the first ever TSRoli one.


heyo just a question, do u need a google account to join this??

I’m not gonna join this one just because I’ve been procrastinating on homework all morning and I need to stop doing that


It no longer shows my name but it shows the KAyro the GreAt


I think so. I mean it’s a google hangouts so i’m pretty sure u’d have to.

(it’s like a speedpaint right now… :’) I’m so happy)


okay great. I have a google account but it has my school’s name in the dang email address so I guess that idea’s gone flying out the window lmao

Kk bye


oh um, u could make a new g mail account (though that’s hard and er, consantly umm, not enjoyed by parents)


It says its ended??


I’ll fix that. I guess. Might involve doing some cool fancy flips and stuff.


I fixed it, er… no link here


I feel like she looks to, normal, I might redraw her tomorrow. Witherskele needs to be more wither and cool like everyone else.


Try making her dark-skinned.


That’s what I plan to do. And more stripey


So are we going to do the animal mobs or just the monsters

Cause whoevers doing the zombie pigman probably has to do pig as well


I think were just going 2 do the monsters unless someone has a really good idea and wants to do an animal


Ah ok

Just asking because zombie pigman


I mean… ocelot exists and like ocelot be like, yes.


Just had to explain to my ten year old brother what vore means I wish I could mine to the void


I want to ask context but i also dont