Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



so who’s doing who as minecraft girls?


oh i should start drawing slime & husk girl


Uh I think kayro is going 2 do blazes and wither skeletons
Ilc is doing the endermites and zombie
Blackseal is doing husk and slime
I dont think anyone is doing zombie pigmen or magma cubes idk what else there is
I think you said you were doing gaurdians?
And either ilc or I are going 2 do the phantom


I should draw shulker girl


Someone suggested guardians so ill do it

Ill also do the big guy guardian


she probably watches slime videos for fun


Oh…she’s so shiny…I love her…


Slimey girl!


And silverfish. I’m almost done with witherskele.


It might take a while for me to do shulker girl im in a mood

Edit: The sorta mood where i just literally wanna yell shut up to anyone and im emotionally tired


diddette has another outfit but its just some shorts and this shirt but extra large


People in the tf fandom who are like “[character] did nothing wrong” are lying, the Only character in transformers who did nothing wrong is idw waspinator and that’s that


“When has starscream ever done anything morally bad?”
Do you want me to make a list



Yeah I feel that ://
Sometimes u just need to take a long nap and not listen to anyone make any noises


Dude same

i just wanna consume chocolate and play minecraft


I loaded a new minecraft world in creative and uh a forest mansion was right next to me as well as a little witches hut

Its free real estate


I honestly just love booting up creative and exploring the game made structures

Maybe make myself a big box house for my animals


she’s legit got a nether portal on her sweatshirt, (cause if witherskele goes through one they’ll still like survive)


Edgy girl… she’s great :sparkling_heart: