Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



the minecraft mob girls are great ,i love them
i’d like to draw slime if it’s still available


Notch described the texture of a creeper as “crunchy”.


my friend manipulated me into writing a wattpad fanfiction with harry styles and draco malfoy in it ,i’m .?,


I don’t let people manipulate me. I am in full control of myself.


i wrote two chapters already. i’m unstoppable


Y e s you can definitely do slime


When your Skelegirl looks pretty cool and friendly but then witherskelegirl looks really emo…

guess I’ll die.


Here’s some weird Surreal Memes timeline I made.

It’s more fleshed out post-neogenesis.

Also, the post-neogenesis timeline is

  • A callback to when Surreal Memes were Ironic Memes

  • Meme Lads fanfiction, taking place after Riddle of the Rocks 2


well i’m doing it because she said that she’d like to read something like that and i’d do anything for her


when you guys see the horrible mess of my minecraft mob girls, remember, I got rid of this WIP for them…




Notch wanted a heterosexual pride thing so do what you want with the mobs


hey what about this guy


lol. am doing his frend withskel rn


i’ll start drawing slime girl when i finish this chapter



Notch can perish we now own minecraft


Im making the minecraft mob girls canon and they all like women


Ah yes
The zombie pigmen. I nearly forgot about them


I thought about it but i’d actually have to draw a pig for reference