Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



@ilovechickens we have class in spanish :((




I’m message you hellooo


I dont want to go to school and have panic attacks I just want to draw minecraft mobs as humans


I wish i were minecraft Steve because i really want to punch a tree right now ugh


Nvm im good now


hello everyone, we’re back to the shortened 3 stages of acceptance or whatever,

  1. Denial/not wanting to do anything
  2. Anger
  3. I guess you accept here but whatevs.


All it takes is for like 1 or more people to say something nice 2 me and my mood completely changes huh ok cool :)) emotional me is easily manipulated


Stages of grief speedrun we only have time for those three :upside_down_face:


bargaining is too much work and I guess depresanddeny are together.


I’m in math… I have a quiz tomorrow… that’ll suck


Ew sorry :((((


yeah… also umm, fun fact.

sonnets are the literal definition the absolute worst


do you know the muffin song???

My class of freshmen (like me) told my math teacher to play it. someone save me.


classique tik tok meme.

tho tbf its a bit old now oof.


This freshman girl showed up at school dressed like an entire anime girl I’m.


this day seems to have just been collectively bad all across the human population


What’s up with your panic attacks?