Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)




So like can we still call cyberverse maccadam Chad Rung


hey are we still doing the minecraft girls i call dibs on the ender dragon and snow golem


Can i call the ender dragon queen of lesbians/wlw


You definitely can bc itโ€™s True


Thanks she looks good so far


weโ€™re drawing the minecraft mobs as girls better than straight anime loving boys


So whats your vision for cave spider


I feel like cave spider be like regular spiderโ€™s extra little sister.

Cave Spider: OMG Spider ur so basic.

(Can I do el skeleton and wither boi)


Oh I forgot about cave spider
Guess Iโ€™m drawing her today :crazy_face:


Welcome 2 the minecraft girl club


yas thanks!!!




I already did a wither girl but u can do another idc


cool. (I meant wither skeletonboi)


OH yeah sure :sparkles:


Who wants to do blazes and slime.


Ok so quick sketch but


Iโ€™ll do blazes if no one minds.


@ilovechickens we have class in spanish :((