Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)


face reveal


In th bumblbee movie when bumbleybee makes those little beep beep sounds like if u agree


I used to think jacks big music show was filmed in my neighbors house and I was scared they turn back into puppets when I wasn’t looking I have kept that fear until about a week ago


Don’t draw on your skin u can die
It was worth it


*a year ago sorry
Actually never found evidence that it wasn’t true so they could be hiding something


What’s Jack’s big music show


I’m gonna get this permanently tattooed onto my forehead


Jacks big music show is nightmare fuel confirmed


Scary bad kids show with bad puppets and scary scary outro and bad and scary


And jack has… very large puppet nose


Pen ink is poisonous?


I’ve thought the creator of Minecraft was dead for three entire years of my life but he’s still alive?


See this is my brothers fault bc he told me notch died when he was 65 and I believed him, just looked it up, he’s 39 years old and alive


My brother is now insisting notch is dead bc he read it in a red stone manual in elementary school


@ChickenGirl @Ilovechickens have you seen this creature before?

You most likely have seen it (on television).


I don’t think so?


no, why



It appeared on Transformers once.


Oh neato which show?