Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



One time (during the cursed era) I read a “jeffmads” hamilton little fic where Thomas Jefferson went into little mode at his adult college and hid in the bathroom and cried and I didn’t even know what a little was at the time anyway here’s why we should delete the internet


Dont delete the internet yet theres this gif of chef kawasaki aggressively sprinkling solt


Wow I changed my mind you know what


Delete all the hamilton stuff and replace it with wholesome chef kawasaki stuff


the polish internet has just discovered hamilton, voltron and hetalia an d ,




Hi this is my transformers oc glockwave and hes just like shockwave but his hand is a glock


This carries the same energy as gunch


I want to give him a double high five but I can’t :disappointed:


he’s perfect





Rid15 starscream is weird bc Jeff Kline expects me to believe he went from twink to twunk overnight




It makes me happy when people talk about things they’re interested in, like, I don’t understand it most of the time but I like it


I have no idea who shockwave is but i sure hope you’re winning


i love this gt. it’s a good one.


YES they’re so endearing when they get excited about it and then if you don’t completely understand they try to downplay it because they might’ve been called weird before but you assure them you find it interesting and you just see their face light upasdfjkl


But not literally lol


primus: ok minitronus now you can circle however many things you want on this list and I’ll give you unlimited knowledge about whatever you circle
minitronus: * circles “fortnite”* ok done