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Was on the middle school bus and someone dropped their water bottle and a girl picked it up and said “finders keepers” truly a lawless land


I used to watch that a long time ago

Oh my


It’s horrible it made and makes me cry




It’s what he deserves. :parking:lease let there be a sequel


alpha trion: * thinking* ha just got back from a night of hanging with my bros wow i have so many friends
Minitronus from his dirt basement, crying and alone: execute all chads


headcanon that ped was bullied as a child because theres no possible way to dig on cybertron because the ground is just metal and so he has these bighuge hands for nothing and all his schoolmates make fun of him and theyre like “you have big hands” and hes an orphan and he cries himself to sleep and it sounds like hes screaming when he cries like “WAAAAAAh” and he sometimes has “digging dreams” where he sleep digs and his room is covered in scratches and his foster parents who both look like underbite think hes possessed by a demon so they take him to cyber church to get exorcised and to exorcise him the preist just electrocutes him and he almost dies and his foster family thinks hes dead and they all dump his body in the back of the church and he wakes up and think about how nobody loves him and wonders what his purpose in life is and turns to a life of crime


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i was going to say that they buried ped but first of all that would feel too respectful and second of all i already established they cant dig on cybertron


au where ped takes over cybertron because he burrowed down to the center of cybertron and threatened to blow up primus’ spark with a gun if they didnt make him king and he reformatted society so that everyone lived in interlocking tunnel systems and had t bring him stuff only now to make sure no one messes with him he has to stay in the center of the planet with a gun ready to blow up primus if any one tries anything funny


and then once hes king of cybertron he publicly executes his former foster parents (who look like underbite but the mom one is pink) by electrocuting them


au where ped had a twin brother named peed and they were seperated at birth and peed doesnt have big hands but he has humungo feet and they reunite because peed is in prison for attempted murder and ped gets thrown in jail because the people think hes a witch for surviving electrocution and hes in prison until they trial and they can combine into into a larger version of them both named Pepeed only Pepeed for some reason cant talk and they break out of jail and they stay combined for too long while they run from the cops and the combination exhausts Peed who has asthma and he dies in Peds arms after ironically enough, being struck by lightning and Ped vows to get revenge on the world for Peeds death and begins digging for the first time ever, powerful claws breaking through the metal crust of cybertron, creating earthqaukes and tremors that feel as if the entire planet is screaming with ped. “WAAAAAAGrngh” he cries, burrowing deeper and deeper, ignoring the thunder rumbling hundreds of feet above him, conscious of nothing save the tons of metal dirt beneath his big f*.cking hands. “RRRRRRRRgh” and he spots a blue glow that reminds him of Peeds optics and he digs towards that, hundreds of years of pain driving him deeper and deeper and anyway this is about where my other story about Ped becoming king happens


au where ped has a baby and his name is pood and pood has average proportions and ped teaches him how to dig and pood loves to invent and one day pood accidentally discovers electricity because in this au theyre the last survivors on cybertron after ped shot primus and pood makes a machine that harnesses lightning and hes excited to show it to his father ped but the machine goes haywire and electrocutes pood and ped is so sad he doesnt move or eat for days and then he dies


Ped is at the bottom of the caste system because he eats dirt


other continuities: the war started bebecbebecabebecbebecaybebecbebecabebecbebecaysbebecbebecabebecbebecaybebecbebecabebecbebecayse


other continuities: the war started because of curly straw
bots: the war started because of homophobia and transphobia


How did this happen


that comment called me an aphobe and wants to disscuss voltron discourse with me over sheith


I haaaaaaaaaaaaate the hamilton fandom sometimes these guys have actually existed and arent fictional characters to make your ‘uwu soft babies’ at least keith voltron wasnt a founding father that owned slaves


Like make soft hcs for chef kawasaki instead

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