Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



donkette: alright you backstabber

Donkette: (pins queen k rool against a wall) are the kremlings crocodiles or alligators?

Queen k rool: w-what?

Donkette: Answer me are kremlings crocodiles or alligators?


This 3 reply limit is annoying my sole purpose on this forum is posting donkey kong country cartoon content and leaving a considerable mark in a few gts




This made me want to chew glass


Oh my force you too? sigh here we go again.
Feathered Saber glass is not for chewing.

(my mom can be mean sometimes)

r u talking behind my back?

(Chicken run while u still can)


Hee hee Hoo hoo!


I have never actually seen this movie bc it scared me for some reason


Well, my childhood is gone.
I’m only ever going to see ur username as the weird female one.


Why are people @ restaurants always asking me questions I don’t know the answer to? “How do I want my eggs”, how am I supposed to know that?


Diddly darn it sure is storming rn






@Mr.rex why


Yeah buddy, I know


Please excuse me while I slash around my lightsaber and go into full on angry Kay mode.

oh my Hamill. This is not good.

I also cannot edit it because my surface will not allow me to. :cry:


Power went out last night. Wild.


im not sure how I feel about this


Today I just faced my biggest fear from my childhood and it still freaked me out how was I allowed to watch that as a child I’m so scared I’m traumatized jacks big music show is horrible and the outro is absolutely TERRIFYING oh my gòd when he just waddles home it’s terirble oh gòd


Yess those chickens are creepy


Why is there a black hole in my room I’m