Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)


thanks mom


*pharma voice * some of u have never sawed someone in half lengthways and it really shows


Urghjkkkslldk the dt is closed again


Hey gaymers stay tuned 4 a new episode of th Mario Family :sunglasses::facepunch:


the old man gaurding the Home Depot, in a thick New York accent: yknow kids these days, they don’t like ta tie their shoes


My face has been coated in lip gloss for the past two hours and I have a horrible headache and a mild fever but on the plus side: Meet The Mario Family


Do you ever go on a website and it looks like the html code had an emotional breakdown


Like pictures wont load and it looks wack


Speaking of wack how about that hsf censor filter


I mean it makes sense in theory but. There’s an easy way to get around it, and it also blocks a bunch of other words



i just want to post an awesome metal theme :(((


idk why i love donkette that much. I dont even like normal dk that much


I misd bowsette at the height of its popularity

I mean theres the gross stuff but theres always gross stuff about anime girls

Edit: @ChickenGirl please reply i cant post anymore


Oh right that stupid “3 consecutive replies” thing


when your post gets blocked by the 3 consecutive reply thing


Queen k rool: ive heard that my departure from your life has made you slightly concerned. Tell me, is that true?

Donkette: im more concerned about why you tied my hands together.


Any still frame from the donkey kong cartoon is a prime mood


Me when I’m presenting project for school and the teacher asks me a question I don’t know the answer to


i dont know whats happening and im happy not knowing