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Hsjdhbdhsjjk? Ty? :sparkling_heart::sparkles:

You can draw either one of these if u want uwu


happy anniversary!!


happy anniversary


Happy anniversary!


GOD I hope bumblebee does well in the box office so we can get a sequel


i thought it has.
(it’s too good to not has good rating)


Idiots: bumblebee is an alien boyfriend movie
me, an intellectual: Charlie is lesbian


No wonder every episode of armada feels so long, was watching the ep where starscream & hotshot have this bizarre duel for the star saber or something and literally Every Time they did anything it freeze-framed, the fight lasted like ten minutes and they did two things, the theme song was playing quietly in the background and we could hear hot shots internal monologue which was just him thinking “my attack barely fazed him!” after they just clashed swords in midair once for ten actual seconds


It’s only the third day of 2019 but it’s already lasted two weeks


Woke up this morning bc buttercup blasted into my room at top speed and jumped on my poor frail body with 60-something pounds of puppy


If I don’t own this right now immediately I’ll die


Buttercup is so cuteeeeee

She’s as heavy as my brother






These off brand toys are priceless ty “Toy House Factory”


Magic bat I’m


Tbh rat bat isn’t much of a better name


tag yourself im confusion and rumbling


Heads up, your adr ess is there


Oh cr@p ty let me edit that


Gangs all here…