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Last post of 2018 :sparkling_heart::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:


barbie is the patron god of bisexual girls and since its twenty bi teen yeehaw!


My favourite vine is ‘he’s watching alvin and the chipmunks’


First post of twenty bi teen uwu






If AoE spent half as much time justifying its plot as ut did justifying why it was ok for this 20 year old & 17 year old to date it might have been a better movie but Michael bay is a trash person so it didn’t and it wasnt


Highlights from armada
-the moment in the intro when rad calls the deceptions “a bunch of greedy bullies”
-the fact that his name is Rad
-when Carlos fell in love with a hologram after seeing her once and refused to acknowledge she wasn’t real the entire episode
-also that part in the Carlos hologram episode when the city is flooding and Carlos watches his hologram crush get slowly engulfed in water and says “see you round kid”
-smokescreen for some reason has a construction vehicle alt mode?
-the minicons just sleep in little dinner plates and then turn into miniature versions of vehicles for no reason
-every time that guy named billy talks
-carlos’ minicon turns into a skateboard
-the episode where “scavenger” shows up wearing a weird cape and fights hot shot for no reason
-all the long pauses
-the time starscream fell into a canyon and that for some reason got rid of him even though he turns into a plane?
-for some reason the humans go on missions even though they’re a huge liability
-they never even explained where smokescreen came from? Or what he’s doing here?
-everything that happens in the show


-the star saber which is supposed to be some epic weapon made from 3 minicons but it just looks like 3 planes stacked on top of each other
-that time rad was like “why are the Autobots and decepticons fighting you’re both transformers lol”
-when megatron arrived in the first episode and just made grunting sounds and stared down the humans for like five minutes without doing anything
-that whiny helicopter guy is supposed to be cyclonus


-the name of megatrons minicon keeps changing




The church of optimus prime


I have many questions


I keep cracking up at this each time I see it








Donkette and diddette found funkette lying on her surfboard. Moaning incoherently, her back sunburned and presumed dead until it turns out shes not after chucking seawater on her

And thats how funky mode is a thing