Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



Merry Christmas, CG! :sparkles::two_hearts::snowflake:


Which combiner is this


italian chef hand kiss :ok_hand:


Lol k have fun I hate doing the dishes


What happened to the lgbtq topic and all the whiteboards


I think @Ana said whiteboards weren’t allowed because people could share personal information on them.
And here is the LGBT topic.


There was actually a different lgbt topic … I don’t know what happened to it either it was gone when I came back after summer


The others got deleted.
Then people started flaming on the unofficial ones and then the unofficial ones got delted and then I emailed Ana (well technically she emailed me asking how she could help) and fast forward we have the current official one.

I think some of the really old ones waff made still exist




Yeah it was that huge flame war that kinda ruined pride month on here lol…
So that coding club and safe place topic is the topic now?


Yeah. I wasn’t he for that but people told me about it.

Yeah it is.


Ooh ok very cool


Oh no.


It’s here :((




The stupid rid app won’t let me use the saberclaw toy I hate this


Ok fine.


Why does it say he’s a combiner though?


Ha! Got em


Arcees gonna explode