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Happy Anniversary @ChickenGirl!!:birthday::gift::confetti_ball::balloon::tada::cake:!!


eeeeee tha nk s??? happy anniversary!! ^^


Happy anniversary girl



:O my goodness thank you so much for the recognition!!

I’m so glad to have been a positive influence to the very Hopscotcher whom I so admire <3

sends virtual hug


Im really late on this my bad. anyways, happy hopversary (idk if that’s a thing)! You’re younger than me yet and in hs while I forgot how to spell anniversary. Congrats! Luv ya


This is late, buuuut thank you so much! I’m glad I was able to inspire you!

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happy anniversary fren!




Hi frenz it’s ya boi mars here


Wow i can’t believe you revived my topic
This place is a graveyard :,(


You are welcomes,
Do you like how I am using my Le name


I suppose
Is it Mars? Cuz thats the coolest name ive ever heard and thats a fact


Yep, me mum and dad named me Mars.
It’s actually pretty cool I suppose


I saw in yo bio that you skipped a grade
And same
So grade skipping buddies yay :raised_hands:
Which one did you avoid


I only know two people other then you that have skipped grades


I only know two
You and my twin
And myself of course


I know my brother and my friend Freddy aka the god herself


Senpie just noticed me on the drawing topic


Whoo congrats :+1:

Sorry my responses are so far apartd im in school rn, so im keeping up a convo here while trying to conjugate verbs


Oh sorry if I’m distracting you