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So, I felt like I needed a general topic. General meaning generally anything related in some form to the world of HS.
Tags for people;
To get this started, I’ve been thinking of resurrecting TrioArt (on a different account).
Hitokage, WNAN, SF, do you give a yay, a nay or an idk.


Hi chickengirl
I follow you on HS
Y'now ScotchHop Team


Hi UnderagedCoder! Thanks for the follow :slight_smile:
Am I following you currently? I try to follow anyone who's following me.


You are following me...


U can add me for the tag list


Yes, you needed a GT


Hi Hito!!!!!!!
(I added a bunch of exclamation points so the post would be at least 20 characters long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


You can put these around random letters to stop the 20 letter rule
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Hi friend! Nice topic!! :smiley:


Do you want ro join the collab now? I have the pass...


Yes thanks I only have like one minute :smiley:


I Am back


Hi, @ChickenGirl! I really like your drawings on HS! I like how you can draw smol eyes that look like eyes, unlike me. I love your projects and art(as I said before lol) I haven't seen you before yet you joined in January??? BTW, your sister(ilovechickens)'s WIP pad is really awesome! Ten/more colors for each shade?! Encourage her to keep going :DDDD


Hallo! Can I be in your tag list? :3


Sorry my ride got here right when you said that, and then I had school sooo sorry!!! But can I have the pass again?


Shore! :smiley: :smiley:
I'll go add you right now :slight_smile:


Yey! I'm your friend! :smiley:


Party Time
Friends are awesome :3


Hey CG is your sister on the forum yet? Can you add me to the tag list?? It's ok if not.



Hi @ChickenGirl, would you mind moving your topic to the #random-stuff category? It is more appropriate for general topics like yours.

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