Chickengirl's art contest submission


Hey, Chickengirl! Here is my submission! The last one is the final product (it's sort of a step by step)

Thanks so much!


You know you don't have to make a whole topic just for this?


What else could I put it on? Btw I am going to put other art submissions on here too. This project would get lost in the art general topic.


You could do just put this in the drawing topic ya know not to clog up the forum
And what did you use to draw this? It's nice :D


You could just tag the person there in the drawing topic
That's why it was made, so we don't have to create separate topics for drawings and submitions


Great drawings, but like others have said, next time, don't make an entire topic for this.


I used autodesk sketch book. It's really nice. Although I don't have the payed for version


Yeah, it's little unnecessary. Maybe out this in your Gt


Oh I have that to

Okay let's GBOT


I don't really have a GT cause I don't have a ton of friends on the forum


You can come chat on my GT! I will leave a link. One sec


@Milkypup here's da link

My GT!


I love the drawings by the way! Very cute!