Chicken Dodge Game Topic! (WIP)


Hi from me, ConnellCoder!

I'm making a game called Chicken Dodge! (I know, sounds like the weirdest game ever right?) This is where I post updates and stuff about the game! Currently, the game is still a work in progress, so I might ask for help and stuff! When I finish I might make a Chicken Dodge 2!

Game details

The game is going to be kind of like Subway Surfers, but instead of dodging trains, you dodge chickens and other obstacles. Along the way you will collect powerups and items. The score is higher the longer you go without getting hit by a chicken or obstacle.


Here is where I post if I need help with anything and who has helped me so far.
People who have helped:

Current Events:

Music Contest

I'm making a contest for the background music of this game! The person who wins gets their music in the game, 10 likes, credit in the game, and a follow. (I'm gonna cry if I end up with 15 entries of the chicken dance. Still, that would make a good background music...)

Almost Complete!

Chicken Dodge is almost done, except for music (see above) and a tiny bit of code. As soon as it is finished, a link will be available on this topic.




Cool :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Music Contest!

For the game I'm making, Chicken Dodge, I need background music. I will accept all entries and all must be due by 10/30. Chicken Dance music will be accepted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

People participating (tell me to add you):