Chef City collab?



What is Chef City

Chef City is a game where you are a chef and manager of a restaurant! You start off with just a stand, and $50. You use that money to buy ingredients, restaurant upgrades, bonus features, tables, signs, housing (for the player), and much much more. You earn money from: selling your food products, by donations, by leveling up, and you can save up for a money printer! (The money printer will be hard to buy and use thoe (we do not want the game to be easy!)). I am hoping to make the game app store worthy, so no basic emojis unless given special permission.

coding details

I made it simple. The project will start on an account I made called: Chef City tech but you can work from your account as well. (This is not suggested)

Coding parts

• backround makers
• scrolling menu makers
• graphics makers
• character makers
• building makers
• logo makers (they have to be able to turn invisible and move around)

random Alert tags


everyone may join! Even if you are a bad coder!

Chef City Collab Sign Up!
W0ah some people replied ​// exy's gt

Thanks for the special tag but next time please use the friendly tag list!


There's no need to tag me, I already look at every topic...

Thanks anyway! :D


@Huggingfluffybear ok, sorry. Do you want to join?!?!?!?


I will think about it!


@Mathgirl but do you want to join?


Umm, @everyone could someone join?


Sorry, but I'm a bit too busy with stuff (in real life and in Hopscotch) to join any collabs. :frowning:

I would say what I'm busy with in real life, but it's a bit off-topic (and sad).


I can always help :D I just don't have time for many collabs.


@Anonymous is F4LO! Anonymous is his new account!


The project will start on an account called Chef City tech. But you do not have to go to that account to join, you can work from your account!


I updated the topic


Could I join?
I forgot my password, though, so could I just upload the drafts and tag you when I'm done?


@Sensei_Coder of course you can join.


Ok, I am starting the project!


Wow, that sounds amazing! I can't wait for it to come out!


@RubyStars I would like to have your help!


Ok, then sure! I'll help!


@RubyStars could you join me on the: Chef City tech. Account?
If yes I will tell you the passcode


What's the password?