Cheeseperson’s Photography Contest



Hi everyone! I am starting a photography contest! We will all vote on the theme, you will have until August 4th to vote, and then on August fifth we will start. Your photos will be due on August 11th, and I will announce the winners on August 12th. To enter, put a link to your project here.

The prize for 1st place is:

  1. 30 likes
  2. A follow
  3. A website
  4. A shoutout

The prize for 2nd place is:

  1. 30 likes
  2. A follow
  3. A website

The prize for 3rd place is:

  1. 30 likes
  2. A follow
  3. A website


Cool! Could you tag me when the voting starts?


Ok! I will! If you want to enter than that’s great, but I also think maybe you could help me judge!


Here is the poll for voting!

  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Wild Animals
  • Shadowing Pictures
  • Lines and shapes
  • Patterns

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@William04GamerA, the voting has started!


This text will be blurred


That was just a test


I’m totally going to enter! I love your photo contests! :heart_eyes:


Thank you!!! That means a lot to me!


Everyone, I just want you to know that “shadowing pictures” is a photography term for pictures with shadows in them, or just a picture of a shadow.


Thank you for notifying me!


Your welcome! Any time!


Could I please be a judge?


Of course! I’ll make a new topic called “Cheeseperson’s Photography Contest’s Judging Topic” for us!


The voting ends tomorrow, so make sure you voted!


Alright, the voting has ended, and the theme will be Beautiful Landscapes!


@William04GamerA, somebody said that photography contest aren’t aloud on the forum on my judging topic! I’m confused! I asked Liza about it but she hasn’t gotten back


Could we extend the contest deadline until…maybe a week? It is okay if we can’t. I understand.


Ok, I will extend the deadline until August 18th, and I will announce the winners on August 19th.


Can I enter? And…

Link…to your project? Why doesn’t everyone just post their photos instead of buying a gold membership thingy so they can put one photo in a project and post a link here? Not everybody has a gold membership, you know.