Cheeseperson’s Hopscotch Animal (Pet or Wild Animal) Photography Contest



Yeah-did you know that it help your reading skills to read to dogs? Because they don’t criticize you!


Here are my cats, Jasper (tabby) and Kit-kat (calico tortie)!

P.S. on the app, I’m not on often, but a bit, and my user is Amberheart04



I might post more later


pure, , but not valid


Thank you! These pictures are all adorable! You’re making it way to hard on me! How am I gonna choose the winner?:wink:


The winner is obviously me


I will see if I can take a photo of something! I don´t think that I have a decent animal photo… yet.


Can we enter more than once?


If you want to than you have to replace it with your old photo, or if you haven’t entered one yet, you can only enter one


Are there multiple rounds?


This is our outside cat, who lives under our deck. Her name is Twin. Her sister, Gray, had kittens. We gave Gray to the humane society. I didn’t name them.



Whew. That’s a mouthful.
I just took this picture of my cat.
And I want to show the world soo…



No, there will not be rounds


Everyone, I would like you all to know that your project will be judged on your photography skills that are shown in the photo, not what animal you took a picture of, so please don’t be offended if you don’t win.


what if I want to post pictures of my other pets but don’t want to replace the old ones?



Apologies in advance to everyone who thought they could beat me


This is my dog next to the toy of ToTo from the wizard of oz musical!
(Edit: now I see my shoes in the background :confused:)


This is a very good photo! And if you want, you can crop your shoe out of the photo!


I’m sorry but you can only enter one picture…


here’s the best photo I have of poppy
#my picture for cheese persons hopscotch animal photography contest