Cheeseperson’s Hopscotch Animal (Pet or Wild Animal) Photography Contest



Hey guys! I just joined the forum a few days ago, and I thought I’d start a contest! This is a photography contest! Everyone will enter a photo of an animal, to enter simply post a reply saying “#My Picture for Cheeseperson’s Hopscotch Animal Photography Contest” with your photo entry! The entries are due by August 10th, and I will be announcing the winners on that same day or August 11th. The prize for 1st place is:

  1. A shoutout from Cheeseperson
  2. A follow
  3. 30 likes
  4. A trail art request

The prize for second place is:

  1. A shoutout
  2. A follow
  3. 30 likes

The prize for 3rd place is:

  1. A shoutout
  2. A follow
  3. 30 likes

If you participate thank you so much!


So I just need take a picture of an animal and show it to you?


All you need to do is post it here!


Right. So I could take one from the internet, post it here, and cheat.
Okay nice contest I guess. I won’t be entering because I don’t have any animals to take pictures of but good luck


Cutest animal ever


Your not supposed to…ummm…!!! You don’t need to be rude! I’m new, I don’t know how to do all this stuff!


Omg, that is not an animal! You really like that thing, don’t you?


I know you’re not supposed to, but you could easily cheat by doing that.
I’m sorry if I came off as rude, I didn’t mean to be.


ew cheese


It’s ok, but how could I make it so you couldn’t cheat?


What do you think of these photos of my dog ready for bed


Excuse me? Is that really necessary?:angry:


I don’t know :thinking:
You could try searching each photo online


im sorry im also new :last_quarter_moon_with_face:




I love that picture of your dog! I love dogs!


It’s ok…just don’t say that again


Okay here’s an actual animal


Thanks :heart:
Dogs are better than people


I know that was from the internet😏