Cheeseperson’s Halloween Coding Contest!



Hey guys! So, I’m starting a Hopscotch Halloween coding contest!


What do I need to make?


Tell me now! I want to join plz!


So, the theme is, obviously, Halloween. You can start making your projects, they are due on October 29th. So, I’m gonna tag @hopscotch-curators because I’m gonna ask if they can feature the winning project and…yeah, I just DID ask them actually.


Yeah, they won’t. They stopped that a while ago


They did? Oh, ok. What do you recommend be the prize?


Maybe you and a few other people could nominate the project for featured?


Ok, I’ll do that! I’ll get some more judges


Do any of you want to be a judge?


I would love to. Maybe you could put a bit more description on the topic information. Can I make projects for the competition if I’m a judge?


Oh, okie. Sure, I’ll be a judge.


Sure, we just started featuring contest projects again. Just tag us when there is a winner :smiley:


I just came here to tell them that you guys opened that up again.


I’ll be a contestant.


Oh, great! Thanks so much!


You can’t be a judge and a contestant, sorry


I’ll tell you guys what to do and for the judges, where to vote, but I’m gonna be a contestant


Let me show you the Judging rubric (“rubric”):

1 (most points you can get, or your project is just perfect):

Project originality=30 points

Coding (optional)=45 points

Trail art (optional)=45 points

Theme=50 points


Can I submit one my projects right now? Can I submit more that one?


2 (second most points you can get, or your project is almost perfect):

Project originality=20 points

Coding (optional)=35 points

Trail art (optional)=35 points

Theme=40 points