Cheeseperson’s Coding School!



Wait, WHAAA?
Thanks? :sweat_smile:
But I think you mean my brother, who was part of this account at one point. (And he might not be on a lot, partially because we just came back from a cruise and he got seasick.) I’m not really a good coder, just saying. I’m more of the type of person who hangs out in the drawing topic. ; D


I’d like to join as a teacher. I am working on trying to get a bunch of tutorial videos for my Hopscotch Gamers YouTube channel that I think would work for this coding school. I also make daily Hopscotch challenges for my brothers that teach them how to use all of the blocks on Hopscotch. I would also love to do coding teacher live-streams so that students will be able to learn to code from the level they are at.


I learned a lot about those topics by having my brothers make a game where you have to dodge obstacles and get to the finish line.


Suit yourself, but I still think you are a good Coder. And teaching isn’t all about showing people how to code, it’s about encouraging them too!


Thanks! You can do some live-streams and anything else you want! I meant to add you to the list for good teachers but I forgot


Cool! I wish I could teach my sister how to code, but she refuses to let me!:joy:


Okay… thanks. At most I’m okay at trail art, though.
But I might be able to come up with ideas for challenges.


Great! And we will do a lot about trail art


Okay! I might join.
Also, if you want someone who is good at games, try @GameCodingCrazy123. By the way, @GameCodingCrazy123, your profile pic is boring. Also I’ve liked more posts than you, @GameCodingCrazy123.


Everyone, I think we should sign up for things. First, who wants to teach trail art?
Who wants to teach pixel art?
Who wants to teach just coding games?

If you are a student then please fill out this form:

What is your best area of coding? (Ex: Trail Art)

Do you consider yourself a good Coder?

How would you rate your coding? (1-10)

What do you mainly do on Hopscotch? (Ex: Remix)

What area of code are you the worst at? (Ex: Pixel Art)


:)) Here you go cheeseperson


I can teach anything. I’d prefer Pixel art, math-y stuff (tho I admit, there are better people for that) and well, actually, scratch that. I can teach anything.


No form… Students hate those.


:)) I already did one whoops


Awesome! I have a challenge for you, make a game on Hopscotch where someone (any character you want or even create your own character) has to get through some obstacles to get to any certain destination. You can follow any tutorials, but make sure the character can at least go in two directions.


I can teach here.


Could I teach clones and variables?


I know this is off-topic, but seriously. You check 1 notification. Did you even SEE that post about Schmooda?


What post?
hehe I’m a little devil😈 I did check it


I was the devil for Halloween. Also when are we doing the candy auction with the neighbors? 4-ish?