Cheeseperson’s Coding School!



Hi everyone! It’s Cheeseperson here! I saw a few beginners on hopscotch, and I thought that I should hold a coding school to help hopscotchers like them out! I am going to invite a few ‘teachers’ including me, who will give tips about code and give everyone challenges. At the beginning, I will post a few challenges that everyone will do, so the ‘teachers’ and I can see where you’re at with coding so we can help you. This will start as soon as we have about 5 ‘teachers’ and 7 or 10 ‘students’! I hope this will be helpful!

Here are some people who I think would make good ‘teachers’:


If you want to be a teacher just reply to this post saying you do!

Thanks for reading this, I hope you decide to join! Any ideas for this would be greatly appreciated!


I would really like to be a teacher! Also, thank you for thinking that I am a good person to be one.


Thanks for joining! And your welcome! What do you think the first challenges should be?


Maybe something related to Halloween?


Let’s see…well, the first one that determines how good at coding you are should be something that tests your creativity, coding ability, and more! The next ones could be about Halloween…


Good point! You are the person who decides all this. I agree with you.


Thanks! Now, I gtg! I’ll be back in a couple hours!


Ok, guys, srsly, how do you change the tags on someone else’s post? Lol!


Could I be a teacher? This sounds really cool! (Or am I too bad at coding, lol?)


Awww! Thanks for thinking I’m a good coder!


You could be a teacher! That would be great!


Wow! Thanks for thinking I should be a teacher! First, I saw this and thought I was tagged because you tagged the OMTL, then I saw that you recommended me as a teacher. I’d be honored to do it.


Great! Thanks! Now if nobody else wants to be a teacher, we have enough. All we need is ‘students’…


@FearlessFriends, any of you wanna be ‘students’ and learn to code better? Or do you have friends that would be interested??


Mee!! I don’t live up to my name! A few complex mechanisms would be amazing to learn! I only know basic things like Art pads, snowflakes, fuzzy draws etc.


I’d be interested in being a student. Hopscotch has a different layout than Tynker, and even then I’m still an amateur at coding.


@cheeseperson, I got you 2 students. ArtisticCoder and Toxiccato shall be our first two students.


Thanks everyone! We only need a few more ppl!


I’ll be a teacher.


Ok, great! I can’t wait to start!