Cheers to the Community! Thanks for a great year!


Wow... A year already?!

It seems like a day ago since I joined the forum.

Anyway, I wanted to thank the community for a great year on the forum. Everyone has been so supportive.

I've had my ups and downs here, but there has always been someone to cheer me on. This last year has and currently is really tough.

Sometimes just a little support made me do things I will never regret, so thank you!

And wow, a year here. That also means hopscotch has been in my life for more than a year.

It's weird because at one time you hate the forum then your addicted and always want to be on here. To be honest, yeah I've probably hated the forum for 1/4 of the year I've been here but that 3/4 was still good???

Everyone here has been a friend and sometimes that was all I needed.

Thank you for all the support especially in times I needed it.

Cheers to one year on the forum!


Wow congrats @murphy1(╹◡╹)!


Thanks!!! Also, thank you!


Happy Anniversary!!
You're a great person and you've been a great Hopscotcher for the past year(s). I'm really glad you joined the community.


Oh my gosh, happy anniversary! It's amazing how long you've been on, and how many awesome things you've done, congratulations!


During the past year do you have a particular thing that you really like about the forum? @Murphy1


Happy 1 year forum anniversary



Happy anniversary!


Hapy anniverary, @Murphy1!!


Happy anniversary!


Congrats @Murphy1!!!


Wow, Happy anniversary!


Congrats! I think I have a couple months till a year​:blush:


Congratulations! You are a really good forum member and a nice friend. I hope that you will be on my summer camp this year too :slight_smile:


Congrats @Murphy1! :smiley:


I like that the community is great!!




I'm looking forward to it!



Thank you too!


Omg hi wie lange ist es gewesen?? Meine Güte.

How's life???