CheckyWecky's topic!


Would you like a happy topic
Go here
This is my topic
You can ask me questions
I might even post sneak peeks of projects I'm making

Want the rules?
Here are the rules:

  1. Have happy time
  2. Don't be sad or angry
  3. No spiders (not even cartoon spiders)
  4. No spider webs (real and drawing)

So if your not a spider than your welcome here!

Stay tuned!

Spiders are my least favorite arachnid!



What is your goal on the forum and hopscotch? (Like do you want to be featured, etc)


one of my frens is half spider


I want a title on the forums


practically everyone does xD



What your favorite kind of pizza?
What's your fave color?
What's your fave shape?
What's you fave subject in school?
What's your fave Food?
What's your fave animal?
What's your fave flower?

Random stuff that popped in my head..


It's not really that special, in my opinion. You can do without it! ;D


But it is pretty awesome, don't you have one?


I use awesome for many things, but I would say it's just amazing.
(I still wan to keep it! :0)



Yeah nobody would want to lose a title!


I dont know what my favorite kind of pizza is
And school subject (I really dont like school)
Color: light teal green
Shape: hexagon
Food: buns...yum
Food : ice cream
Animal : fish
Flower: hydrangea


A title cool but it's not the nets think on the forum

I don't wanna lose mine though




I have no spiders but I have a Raknoss...



How do you that part of the reply? I clicked on the " but it won't work


Yay thanks!


Or is it???


Why would anyone be a spider here?


I'm just making them as a joke
If she has Arachnophobia I'll delete it…


What is that Archo word?