CheckyWecky's general topic!


Welcome to my general topic!
So you might know that I made 2 other general topics but both didn't go well and they both just became a dead end
So I decided to make a 3rd topic and call it CheckyWecky's general topic instead of CheckyWecky's topic
And i also decided to change the rules a little bit because for the other topics I said that you are not allowed to post spider pictures
But people just ended up posting them(well only starrydream did)
So I thought maybe if I make the rules a bit different it be better
That doesn't really mean that you can post spiders though
Well anyway here are the rules

  1. Try not to get sad or angry
  2. Be happy
  3. Have fun

I know this might make you think yay i can post spiders now!
But no you can't post them
Ok I know this is SUPER LONG so this will have to be the end

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Cool. What are you working on?


I haven't really been working on anything



What up!


What would you add to HS


I was thinking of some things I would like in hopscotch but I can't remember them now


Any questions?


I am going to nominate your weaving cars illusion for featurd


Any questions?


What is your favourite project?


Yoo don't know?


Lol, I forgot. But other people don't know




Ok, who are some of your fave Hops


Favorite hops?
I don't really know