Checkpoint blocks

One thing I think would be very useful for hopscotch is a “checkpoint” block. (I just thought up the name in like 10 seconds as it is not important for now) What the checkpoint block does is teleports you from whatever point you are in the game to wherever you placed the checkpoint. For example:

In that image, there was a “set checkpoint” block, and a “go to checkpoint” block, so what they do is that once you play the “go to checkpoint” the code will automatically continue from the “set checkpoint” block. The checkpoint will also have its own variables, a bit like normal variables, where you can create more checkpoints and rename them whatever you like. I think that this will be useful as it will save people a lot of code and time and will make coding a bit easier for less- experienced coders. It will also be handy as instead of having to restart a project you can simply teleport the code to the start. Anyway, I would really like a block like this in hopscotch, and here is a poll :arrow_down:

Would you like to see this block in hopscotch?
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Ooh nice, so would this be similar to calling a function in other programming languages?

You can kind of do something similar with broadcast message, but I can see how this would have more capabilities!


Sorry you kinda lost me there :thinking:


A function is similar to a custom block. It’s a chunk of code that you can call whenever you want, and the program will jump over into it, and when it’s done, it will hop back to the original. You can call it as many times as you need/want.

When you get to a point in your code when you want to jump over to that section of code, you would ‘call’ it.

Not sure if you were thinking something like this, or if you were picturing something different?


i like it
it might organize things a bit, but it might be a bit similar to the custom block


Can’t you already do this by saving your position to a variable?


this is a duplication of set pos to blablabla


Tell me if I’m understanding this wrong, but this really just seems like a rainbow “ability” block. You could have everything below the “Set Checkpoint” block in a rainbow block called “setup”, and replace the “go to checkpoint” with that same custom “setup” block.


Yes, those are good alternatives, although I was thinking more like it will be able to restart the entire project if placed in that way. Also, if you want to loop something like, 50 times, it will still take a long time. Another good option would be to use the “repeat” block, except the blocks that you are allowed to put into it are very limited. Even then, I think it would make coding a lot easier and help coders make masterpieces more easily.

It will also be handy for skipping a lot of code if you press a certain object