Check This Cool Peoject Out Giga Pad Inspiration To MagmaPOP

Check it out


I will check it out!


That is awesome, @TitanBoy! :D

I love how you can choose pixels!


Amazing! I remixed it.


This is absolutely awsome! Are you going to do updates? Maybe add HSB colours! I like how you gave a selection of styles to draw with, it's really original! Awsome!! <3


I love the different styles of pen you can draw with :D well done!


PandaBlossom I am currently working on a pad with around 200 HSB colors, but it's a lot of work to do it for the drawing and the pixels and everything else, I will make an update, for the GigaPad, but let me finish the one I am working on.


I can totally relate to that! I'm trying to make a drawing pad with as many shades of colours that I can fit in, but I'm procrastinating a lot, so it's going to take a long time! Here are some suggestions for colours, as I draw :D you don't have to use these suggestions, I just thought it might be useful!
-Many skin tones, it is sometimes a little offending when there is no colour of your skin...
-Lots of shades! Yes! Shades are good! Good for shading!
-Clear button away from everything! Clear buttons are evil for us artists-especially when you are almost done with your drawing, using the last colour, and then you accidentally hit that clear button. All of that hard work GONE. Ouch. So, remember to put your clear button away from everything, or even erase the idea of a clear button!