Check these projects out!


Disclaimer: I made a topic similar like this in a few minutes ago, but it disspaears. I tried searching for it, but o can't find it

Hi! It's me Hero Dino! In this topic, I'll post some of my projects and asking some feedback. A poll for you to rate will be there too! Please explain why you choose your choice.


Sonic Pixel art -

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I will check those out later!


Yay! Thanks!
By The Way :point_up_2:, should I use the OTML for this?


Yeah, I think so :slight_smile:


Can you help me? It's hard to copy and paste the OTML. I used wiki edit on my first post.


Maybe later, I need to answer some posts quick and make a project at HS, I will be busy.


Can't wait to see what your making!


Official tag mass list lol


Oops! I keep on saying OTML instead of OMTL




Your projects are amazing!


Thank you so much! Your projects are waaaaaaay mor better than mine


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