Check out what I made using 3D-Printing! :D


I used a 3D printer to make THIS!

It has my name on it:

Of course, I made a few other things, like this robot...

And a rocket ship, but I don't have it with me.
Like it?
I don't own a 3D printer myself, but I'm a Boy Scout and learned bout computer programming (which totally rocked) and coded program for a 3D printer. Cool, huh?


My school has a 3-D printer as well, and we printed our names with designs. Next time I should request to make a Hopscotch logo as well! Coolio!


Yeah, but if you take a photo you have to mirror it to make the words comprehensible, otherwise there backwards.


Really? We didn't have to do that. We took a picture and converted it into something from jpeg, put it into tinkercad, and printed it. It took like 2 hours.


Oh, I didn't do it at school, but at a computer geek/college graduate center. You know, one of those places where they have a hallway with ton of rooms filled up with virtual reality things and stuff like smartboards and printers. Obviously, 3D printers.


I make heaps of 3D printing! The printer you use must use washable supports, the logo is a fun idea!


No, I laid the logo flat down so there was to need for supports.


Are you Japanese because I am Japanese (I knew this from your name kiyoshi


Yea, I am. My Mom is full Japanese. Were you born there or do you speak fluently?


I was born there !
And I'm fully Japanese


Do you speak it?


Yao I speak it do you?


Hai. Watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasu.


the logo? well yes you would not,but I was talking about the robot!


One of my middle school classrooms has a 3D printer in it. Also, a few days ago for my birthday, I got a 3D printing pen!


I used the 3D pen before as well. It's so cool, but sometimes the plastic gets stuck. I feel like it's impossible to create the Eiffel Tower using that!


Wow, thats really coll. Wish I had something like that..


I made this penguin thing Ma bob at school with my friend JoJo

I didn't pick the colour p.s


Those are amazing! 2020
They aren't the best, exactly.


Lol, yes.