Check out this project!


I just saw a project by Creations of a noob it was soooo cool! It was called texture draw! You have to check it out!

check it out and comment on what you think!


Please don’t make topics about stuff like this.


Isn’t that one of the original purposes of the forum?



This is making a random topic about a random Hopscotch project they didn’t make.


I thought one of the purposes was to share projects, whether yours or not…


still more hopscotch related than any recent topics here




I saw that one! It’s so cool!!! :D


I also think that it is really cool! All projects by @CreationsOfaNoob are really cool, and if you want, you can nominate this project for featured!
Just post a reply in this topic:
Nominations for Featured!


Wow! It is cool! Next time, You can add a link to the project so people can view it easier.


Thanks :D