Check Out this claw game! (Would love that like button)๐Ÿ˜…



If you haven't heard of the claw yet then you need to check this out!
This game was originally a lottery, but I put some code into it, took some out to then make it a non-lottery toy game!

Whichever prize you win remix it and make it say "i won a (name of animal)"

Credit to sarathefish:heart: For making the game!
I added the music, toys, and the prizes!!! Hope you enjoy!


I got a sheep! (or is it a goat? Oh wait, it's a ram!) :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram:
I'm away from my computer again! :tired_face:
Also absolutely :heart: the music!


Nice game! I don't have much to say otherwise!


Love the game


She copied mine and took my spot on trending without giving me credit, though, so it kinda sucked.
But I like your update!