“Check out our menu" - Coding Café ☕

Can I join? I can’t edit the wiki…

Of course! Anybody can join as long as they follow the quick tips. I’ll edit you in

Nobody but the creator of the post can edit wikis now…

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never mind!

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You’re already on the crew.

yeah I saw, thanks!

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Can I be part of the Coding Cafe

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Everyone can be a part of coding café. Just come to this topic and talk about projects you are creating or ask and answer questions people have about code.

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Ok then thx

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The steps to become a member of the Café Crew have changed. I also added demotion for more motivation.

Okay sure, that is a good choice!

I volunteer as tribute

Thats a good lol




How do you chat so short


The 10 character text trick


(No periods or exclamation marks)

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Did you know

You can use clones just like you’d use regular objects in Hopscotch. Just pop a check-once-if block on a rule placed under the create a clone block, then set the check-once-if block to (self) Clone Index = [clone number of choice], then just pop the code that you want inside the check-once-if block and boom! The code will only run for the one clone that you put in the check-once-if block.


The code in that check once if block will only be ran by clone 7.

I’m planning to do one if these every day, but don’t get mad if I don’t because I have life to live that isn’t centered around the forum.


That’s really cool, thanks for the heads up!


I knew that already, but this would be super helpful to newer Hopscotchers!

Right now I have 100 clones to do :man_facepalming:


Well, if you are working with clones, today’s quick coding advice is something that you’ll want to know. I’m just waiting for everyone to get back from schoolbefore I post it to draw more attention to this topic

Today’s quick coding advice is going to be a method to make super fast clones without lagging out old devices.