“Check out our menu" - Coding Café ☕

A picture description:

Picture this image in your head:

This is the environment I am trying to create at the Coding Café. Except, instead of coffee, it’s code that we’re serving. This is a place to engage with the community using code in a way never done before.

A verbal description:

Basically, The Coding Café is a meeting in which people code together and help each-other learn new coding techniques. You could stop by the café to ask coding questions that will be answered quickly by our café crew, get inspiration to code with the Weekly Inspiration Challenge, or just talk about the project you are creating.

Quick Tips:

If you don’t want to be flagged, follow these quick tips:

  1. Be kind and use pure language …to avoid being flagged as inappropriate
  2. Discuss coding and the Coding Café …to avoid being flagged as off-topic
  3. Post something once, then wait for someone else to reply to you before you post about it again …to avoid being flagged as spam

The Café Crew

The Café crew is basically the Café employees. Their job is to help watch the café and answer any questions people have there.

I’m prepping up a rewards system for the crew, but not quite finished with that yet. Also, if any of your posts on the Café topic are flagged for a good reason, you are automatically kicked off the crew.

How to join the Café Crew

Joining the Café Crew is simple. Just put this topic on watching and then answer as many café community coding questions as you can.


Follow these steps to become a Café Crew member

  1. Put this topic on watching
  2. Help people out, follow the quick tips, ask questions, and be an active part of the Coding Café
  3. The most active people will be added to the crew.
  4. Inactive crew members will be demoted back into a regular member of the Coding Café

Coding Café crew members:

@/tankt2016 @/Nobody @/Stylishpoopemoji33 @/Awesome_E


okay done, could I also join?

edit: @Yusamac205 you may want to remove the name of your YT channel from your bio as it’s considered CoF!


Did you know that this topic was stuck in the filter all weekend?


Wow no

Deleted my post


woah that must of been annoying!


And I don’t even know what stuck it there…



okay I’m gonna make this wiki so we can talk here without using up your posts if that’s what you want @Yusamac205?


Just finished the start Screen on my easter project lol
You can’t do anything yet, but how is it?


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Aw man, I was going to create an Easter Coding competition. I completely forgot about it… Well, looks like we now have our weekly inspiration challenge…

Weekly Inspiration Challenge!

The theme is: Easter

Code anything you want Easter related. Just be sure to follow the quick tips.



Lol welp mine probably won’t come in for a while

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I would like to join!

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I really like this topic!

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When is it due?

I added the date to the weekly inspiration challenge post.

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Ok next Tuesday is sort of doable…I have people coming over but I’ll still try finishing my project by then

Alrighty, so apparently the signup sheet isn’t working now either…

@tankt2016, if you delete your first post on the topic, I can make an almost working sign-up sheet…

Ok deleted

I have the commercial stuck in my head

“We’ve reinvented banking with Capital One Cafes. Inviting places…”