Check out my YouTube channel


Hey guys! I just made a hopscotch YouTube channel for playing people's projects, doing tutorials, and posting announcements! Hope to see you there!

Check out my first video here:

Also, go ahead and add your name, and a project link, if you want me to play your game! (First codme, first serve)

Post your projects here!

Video 3: Zelda III: Rise of Gohma by benny929 A medieval RPG by Coding tunes Zombie Apocalypse by @Madi_Hopscotch_

Video 4:



Just so you guys know, videos are released daily, but only 1 video!


Oh! well, I'm trying not to get flagged, but this is not allowed as you can communicate with youtube.
Plus, you use your voice in it too.
Unless THT changes the rules for communication, it is not allowed.



Trust me, a lot of people post their YouTube channels on here. It is allowed.


I'm trying to be nice and you're ruining that chance of me gaining a friend :confused:




No waddlemarco I like you zachyswag


It is allowed. THT approved of it.


I'm pretty sure he can post it. THT said that we could post yt chanels if they were hopscotch related. :D


Kewl! :)
Me gonna check it out


I need more people to post their projects! Once I get three, I'll make a video playing them!


Come on! I need projects to play!


@kenlauescuadro would you like me to play numberity?


You could've just worked this out. Flags aren't just a random tool and only when you have to use them, you use them. And for this case you don't, you could've just worked it out!


Do you want me to play your projects?


You can just add yourself to the list.


How did you make a reply so short I though you need 20 characters?


You do this after your post

<Any content you put in here will disappear>


Here's somthing you could play By @Madi_Hopscotch_


Ok I'll add it in!


You sound so Young and yet your still A great hopscotcher


Boi... I'm 12...

Lol! How young did you think I was?