Check out my project!


Guys, what do you really think about this project?


This is pretty sweet!


Thank you so much! :blush:


That is a really nice pixel art! I like it! :s


Sweet! (It's a dog, right?)

Maybe change the skin colour to white! :DD


I would agree white dogs look cuter but it's fine


This is AMAZING!

When I get a chance to, (probably tmrw morning cause it's like midnight :laughing:) I'm TOTALLY nominating this for Featured! I'm also going to check out your account and follow you!


I'll probably do that too now that you mention it XD


Off-topic but what time zone are you in (just to see what time it is where you are because it's 11 in Central)


Eastern! It's about 12 am here. 11:57, but close enough. :laughing:


It's amazing! :D

Who made it?


Minioncandy, first of all, did you make this?

Second, what is your Hopscotch username?


It is 10:59 where I am
Now 11:00
Anyways you stay up late


I am in China (Shanghai) right now so it's noon here.... :wink:


Well it's summer and I'm on vacation

Also I'll probably get up at like 10:30-11


Yes, I made it, if you go in the editor, you can see some info
(My hopscotch username is minioncandy)


Kool lez be sleep schedule buddies
(I sleep at 12 and wake up at 10 if I am not constricted)


Yay ok

I wish I wasn't eastern

my secret yearning is to move to California in two years or buy a beach house there (which would never happen lol)

Instead I'm stuck in boring ol' NYC

Which I must admit is better than some places and it's cool

Lol congrats if you read this far through my rambling


NYC has the Trump Tower XD
But it also has Hopscotch HQ!


Yes lol that's true

Once I saw trump get in his car

I almost missed it because I was walking across the street on the forum XD