Check out my Pikachu Pixel Art!


You guys should really check out my hopscotch profile: DylanBarrett!
My most popular project is my Pikachu pixel art, with about 150 likes, being on trending for 2 days or so!
Hopscotch is he best thing ever!

I also have a question: What exactly do I do with this forum?



Well in here you can talk about coding!

You can talk about Hopscotch!

How is cool it is!

Also some feedback or improvements!


Whoa! Pixel art is really tough! You must be an amazing coder!

The forum is for asking for help with code, some topics are more social, but it's mostly code related.

DylanBarrett isn't your real name, right?


Lel I spell wrong.
Here in the forum we help hopers who need help and do collabs!


Yeh pixel art is pretty tough, and yes that's my name.


That's not first and last though right?


If that your first and last name as your username?

If so please change it if you can, that's really dangerous to share online and here we are no allowed them at all, thanks!

Also your a great coder, awesome pixel art! I'm Crazy_cake, congrats on trending!


But can you post a link to it?


1 year bump.
380 days later.
Do you remember this pixel art/topic?
@Dylan329List because no one would come here if not


I wasn’t here. What pixel art are you referring to?


… read the title XD …


Oh man so long ago XD


Yeh but not as long as these 37 minutes i have to go without likes


I was just eating dinner
And playing with the neighbors dog…again.


Coool. Like 2 -3 hours ago I was playing basketball outside with my 8 year old neighbors. lol
It was 8pm but I got tired quick XD


A year later, I notice a mistake. XD
Hopscotch is he? No hopscotch is the


I remember that pixel art and it is still one of my favorite pixel arts and all of your pixel arts are amazing!


Thank you so much! :grinning:


I remember this topic :joy::joy:


Haha, :joy: and the number of likes you get these days