Check out my new game :)


I worked really hard on this! Hope you guys have fun with it​:blush:

Please be honest. Constructive criticism is alowed.

Is the game addictive?

  • I can't stop playing!
  • One of the most addictive games ever on hopscotch
  • Pretty fun and addictive
  • Meh, addictive
  • Nah
  • I feel like picking my iPad up and throwing it out of the window


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Is it Better than: (Tap the games on the list that you think it's better than)

  • Better than Jedi adventures
  • Better than flappy golf
  • Better than Space ninja
  • Better than lava route
  • Better than backgrounds of epicness
  • Better than Dino animation
  • Tap this if you think it's my best game I've made.


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  • Best game on hopscotch!
  • Really good game!
  • Pretty good, and yeah, addictive
  • Fun
  • Very good game, but laggy
  • Okay
  • Rubbish, in my opinion


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Thank you :slight_smile: I'm so proud of this game!!!


Great community to vote!



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It's fun, but very laggy. I rated it a 6 on the number poll.


Great game! Your attention to detail was great. Maybe remove some of the less important items in the game to reduce lagginess?


Nice game i rated it an 8 for amazing!


Ooh this is super cool! I love the idea. it's very original and creative. The pixel textures look really awesome!! (they do make the game quite laggy though :confused: but you can't really control that) I like the coins and obstacles- they make it exciting and harder. I think I would've liked it a little better if there was a shoot button by you at all times instead of floating around on the screen, but that's just my opinion. :+1:

And, okay, yeah this is super addicting XD I can't stop playing! To be honest, I'm really terrible at it, but I can't put my iPad down!! (well maybe I kind of exaggerated when I said I wanted to throw my device but it's actually pretty frustrating after a bit. I don't know maybe i'm just a person who gets frustrated easily XD) Ooh, I forgot add that I like the star rating at the end- it makes it feel like it's one of those real games on the App Store :smiley:

I can definitely tell you've worked hard on this, and I really love it!! Great job @BlastFusion!!!


Wow. All I can say is this is my new favourite game! My high score so far is 4702, but I am going to keep playing until I hit 16k :stuck_out_tongue:


Tap the laggiest game:
Which out of these is the LAGGIEST and SLOWEST:

  • Flappy golf
  • Jedi adventures
  • Space Ninja
  • Volcanic Ninja
  • Dino Run


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@BlastFusion All your projects are okay for me.

Something interesting I thought I would point out is that (at least for me), Dino Run didn't need to load at all. All the others did, although not for very long.


Hmm. Maybe ThinBuffalo's idea helped.

Does the game 'Gold Rush' take a while to load? (Made by Nindroidgames) that takes me at least 20 minutes to load


Wow 20 minutes? No project I have ever played has taken more than 3, probably.


Hi, @bluedogmc-official, @ExquisiteSoup and @Intellection74. Thanks for the compliments!

You all mentioned that the game is laggy (cannot be helped​:rage:) but it was playable right? I went onto my laggy device and the game was alright! It looked like the dinosaur was walking through the places rather than running (which is on newer devices)

Glad to hear you all liked it, I personally think it's more addictive fun and more playable than Jedi adventures and flappy golf.




What happened to you???


Check my last post out, if you want to know!