Check out my new game on Hopscotch!



Hey it's Moonlight Coder (MLC) can you guys check out my project Vampire? It took me a long time thanks


You should try linking your project so its easier for people from the forum to get to. I can help you if you don't know how to do that.


Welcome to the forum! You'll be a great help! :smiley:


Ok thanks so how do you do that?


So enter your project first, then tap on the three buttons

And you should be able to click share. Then you're at

And you copy the link.

If you edit your top post you can put the link into the beginning.


What is your user name on Hopscotch, I'll get it for you


It's Moonlight Coder (MLC)


Click this button:

And paste it into your reply!


Hey! Loved the game! I made a post on how to get links here:


I found it! Here's the link!
(You can copy and paste this into the first post by hitting the little pencil button on it to edit)


Thank you guys! What are your hopschoch names so I can follow you?


I'm "BuildASnowman." (note the period at the end)! Thank you!


I'm Paydent12 :smiley: