Check out my line pad


So I made this line pad a loooomg time and just reposted it. Please play it and leave some constructive feedback. Maybe Like it if u think I did a great job or u just wanna like it. I will use the feedback to make my next version. I think it's pretty good personally but tell me how u think

Notice how I said constructive feedback. It's ok to be critical as long as ur constructive


Wow, that's good! I like your line pad :slight_smile:
And honestly, I can't find anything wrong with it.


Thank you!!! I appreciate it

I made it like 8 months ago XD


I haven't had my account for that long!

I only just got a school iPad.... unfortunately.

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It was great!

Ways to improve:
1. More colours? I like the current colours but maybe a wider choice?
2. When the drawing is "Off", the arrow can't seem to move right or left... maybe fix that?

Overall, it was really


I wouldn't say Feature worthy yet, but it probably could be with some adjustments!


Yeah, I agree! You can keep working on it to make it even better.


Ok thank you! I noticed that with the off button and the arrow Pinter thing nkt moving


You're welcome and yeah that did happen.

It should be quite simple to fix, I hope. I didn't look that deeply at the project, or even the code.

But seriously, did you make this 8 monthsish ago? :0 I probably wouldn't have been able to do that eight months ago :00

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I truthfully don't rememeber when I made but thanks!

I lost all my coding skills now cause I havent coded in a while


kool beans me dude.


You didn't lose any skill. You're much skilled anyway.

Maybe you're just "rusty"/out of practice?
If so, simple solution: just keep coding


Thanks dude



Yeah I'm rusty. That's a better word for it XD



thinks of oxidation :nerd:


Great job! I think it is trending worthy! Do you know the user called Pi Studios? He is no longer active, but he made the exact same line pad...


He publish something weeks ago