Check out my brand new Hopscoch in Hopscoch project!



Check out my new "Hopscoch in Hopscoch" project! I worked SO hard on it!


What's the link?



Cool but do those buttons at the top work?


Thats so cool! Keep up the good work!


Not yet I am working on that its the only problem


It's a cool game, maybe in the next version, if you make a next version, you could make the buttons work and the characters move:)


Thanks! I worked really hard on it!




I'm working on it. Anyway thanks


Really like the game!


Thanks for understanding :slightly_smiling:


Thanks! It's still slightly in process but I'm working on it


I love it, it is so cool!!


Thank you!-cinderleaf studios


Here's an already made topic that you can post your awesome project in! :smile:


Sweet! That's so

Awesome!sry currently experiementing with bold text and stuff

like this!
or this
1.or this!