Check others hopscotchers accounts!😖😫


She was also a GREAT coder and published a cool brushstroke drawing pad. The trail looked like a brushstroke!!!!!!


@GoddessHope I get where you're coming from completely, I am not really noticed or popular. But I am really on Hopscotch to code. I mean, yes, everyone wants to be popular. :joy: But don't forget the main reason you are on Hopscotch. This was a great reminder to check other people's accounts! Thanks!


I can take a break from HW (finally!) to addres.s this. I am on both sides.
Likes come when people Like your project. When you beg for likes, those likes don't count. And you got nothing out of the project.
When you make a good project, some may notice and some may not. It's OK! It's a good project as long as you are happy about the effort you put in! Every "popular" user had to get that way somehow, right? I don't want to brag, but ever since I started putting in effort into my work, my likes increased along with my follows. So the effort matters. Call yourself popular, if that's what you choose.


I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT BEING POPUAR!!!! OR LIKES!!!! I'M JUST SAYING LOOK AT OTHER HOPSCOTCHERS ACCOUNTS!!!!!:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


I think she just wants everybody to look at new hopscotchers


I understand, but that eventually leads to an argument about popularity, which has already started. For example, I saw an early project of @smishsmash and I thought "Wow! She's putting in effort!" I was looking through "art" at the time when I came upon it. Now look where she has gotten.


Thank you!!! That's so nice, thanks for mentioning @LazyLizard


You deserved it. You were a perfect example of this. I love your projects!


What do I do? I do my best on projects but no one sees them.


Try thinking of something amazing or ask for ideas! Remember if you work hard more people notice projects and you feel more proud of your work! But remember this isn't about being popular, popularity kinda just, happens...


Can I have a link to your sister's project? I want to check it out, but I can't seem to find it. :wink: Just asking.


We are making an iPad!


I like to act like they are on my trending. I use my trending as motivation.


Yes but I do my best and no one every sees my profile.


Yes. But you do so much better than me. Look at our profiles. Compare.


That's a great idea!!! I'm thinking of making a carnival with mini games, I forget who's idea this was, maybe @Intellection74 but I'm not sure, I think a couple people sudgested it:)


However, it just comes to me about my ideas. I would share my latest, but it's only 1/4 of the way done and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. It's also a surprise! I'm super excited for you all to see!


Well... Idk:/ but you are an awesome coder! Part of why I get somewhat noticed is because I got put on rising, my quote project. But your time, IT WILL COME don't get discouraged by popular people, because I'm not popular, try not being jealous of their awesome profiles, use their projects for inspiration of your own, when I'm out of ideas that's what I do!


I can't wait to see it @LazyLizard I'm waiting for it


Ok! I doubt it's getting featured, but it's going on my trending. I have no clue what the final result will be....