Check others hopscotchers accounts!πŸ˜–πŸ˜«


Me and @Lightningstrike have realized that almost nobody looks on Hopscotchers accounts UNLESS THEY R POPULAR. :unamused: Proof: we created a account for my younger sis called HappyPuppy:dog:. We told her to publish ONLY 1 PROJECT for a month. No one liked it :angry: except for @Timelord007. :blush:And no one played it. :cry: AND when I searched her name, her name didn't show up.:triumph: My sis was so proud of her project, but was crushed when only 1 person liked it, when someone popular gets 1,000,999,000 likes. (I was exaggerating a bit:relaxed:.) I think she could have gotten more likes if people actually looked and noticed. We don't hate anyone, but LOOK AROUND HOPSCOTCH. POPULAR PEOPLE AREN'T THE ONLY ONES ON HOPSCOTCH.:disappointed:


Well, if your more active then more people will notice you, and it's just a first project, mine got 3 and my highest from 2 weeks ago is 284. You have to work super hard to be popular, tell her that thane project is amazing and give her ideas for more projects:) hope this helped!


I think this is very helpful, and that people should read it! It's always better to have a bit more of a refresher. I feel like having the same few people making projects and getting like isn't very fun. They do make AWESOME projects, but some people don't look at the other Hopscotchers.
I feel like you could have used a bit fewer exclamation points, though... Kinda feels like you're yelling at people...


I always scroll down a bit to see if there is anything cool!


And I agree, I look at less popular people's projects, this is a nice tip for some but like @XiaoMiaoMi said it kinda feels like your yelling at some:(


Be Honest Here:

  • I look at others accounts:angry:
  • I sometimes look at others accounts:frowning:️
  • I rarely look at others accounts πŸ™
  • I never look at other accounts:confused:
  • How do you look at others accounts???πŸ€”



Yeah, I get it. Except my Friend isn't popular, but she made a AWESOME project and it got a lot of hits! People still notice it! Also, I wasn't popular AT ALL and I had like 5 followers then I made a super coded project and it was noticed! You just have to work hard! Sometimes things can be a little unfair, but if you keep working at it, it will become better!


I see what you are saying. I can't related fully, my first project got 11 likes. :slightly_smiling:
However, in the long run, popularity doesn't matter. It's what you get out of it. That is why Hopscotch was made. :wink:


Sorry people, don't mean to sound harsh...:pensive:


I agree with you there, try boosting coding skill and it gets noticed


Its ok! :+1: I would get mad too! at least you have a sister that likes stuff youe like :unamused:


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I mean to say, I want people to check other people's accounts more. There might be a really good project out there no one has noticed yet.


It's not about the likes you get, it's about the effort you put in your project, but I mostly agree with you!!


I have gotten 11 likes once. That is my maximum. I am also 3 likes away from a new record on my project Fear the Waffles.


I agree!
The effort you put in should be helping you, not getting more likes. Though you have a point, it's pretty frustrating when you work super hard and don't get recognized, think about it.

You are learning something NEW


I think everyone is getting the wrong idea. I'm not very good at writing and speaking, I know 4 other languages, so I sometimes get confused on how to say things. I'm just saying, look at other peoples accounts, please!!!


I love to give others support. I see your point! It's pretty awesome to join Hopscotch and get tons of support. I didn't exactly get that support in the first place, but I just worked harder.


No one sees my work, which makes it hard to bring myself to work hard.


Also, there are GREAT projects and coders out there we have not discovered. There was a Hopscotcher who published something that should have been on featured, but no one looked at it cause it only got 1 like, which I gave. Later, she/he announced she/he was leaving due to schoolwork, and no one except me bothered to say NOOOO!!!!!! or WHY? She/he left, and still no one saw her AMAZING project. I couldn't find that project again, to republish it and put it on featured in her/his memory. Her/his name will not be revealed.:sob: