Check If Loops Question



I've decided that I'm going to half quit; I'm not going to like or publish any projects. I will only independently code. I will also use my mature side on the forums and never get off topic.

So, here's my question: what is the maximum check if loops you can have? How many can you have stacked inside of each other? Do repeat loops have the same effect? Do loops in an ability count?



I think it's unlimited, but would probably crash Hopscotch once you got to a certain number.


What @UptownStudios said, but I think at 15 is probably the maximum without hopscotch crashing. I am not sure though. Good luck coding! :smile:


@Dude73 I think it's more than that. I've seen someone use up to about 35.


Never mind then. XD


I think it's Unlimited, but you'll probably eventually make Hopscotch crash!


@UptownStudios, @Dude73 and @SmileyAlyssa, actually, I remember using about 7+, then the rest of the loops I used didn't work. I don't know the exact number.


Really?! Weird....


What?! I really like you! PLease don't leave!

And I think maximum Chek Once Ifs is 20.


I got 15, after that hopscotch was very slow...


Please don't quit! I love your projects!


I can put a bunch of check once if's!


@UptownStudios can you tag me for the next round of MarchMadness???


When you have 80+ in a single project, it lags like crazy