Chatting on Hopscotch (For everyone)


Hi coders,
Wow! I have been getting numerous comments/likes on my gender surveys/quizzes topic! Thanks a lot!!

I've always noticed on Hopscotch people start projects that are "chats". People would put a text saying: "hi does anyone want to chat," and someone replies "yes" and there is this whole entire conversation that doesn't even have to do with hopscotch/coding. Hopscotch is for learning how to code, and to collaborate with others to learn MORE about coding, and to get constructive crisitm to make your projects.coding better! Hopscotch is not for chatting, and talking to each other virtually!!! You can save that for social media websites!! So, please going forward when you are using Hopscotch do not start/contuine chat projects because they are boring to read, have nothing to do with Hopscotch, and a waste of the coding skills you are developing!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I agree. MemorableChicken does that. Actually, @Calico2.0 made one, it's really funny, look in the code. :wink:. It's a—don't want to give you the surprise.
Gotta see the amazing code.


Hi @tankt2016,
Yes lots of hopscotchers and even coders on here do that!! I will definietly check it out, hopscotch is FULL of amazing code! :slight_smile:


It's true MC does that, but, on the plus side, he is an amazing coder and does quite a lot of awesome coding in between his chats. Moreover, I have seen a lot of "chats" where he is, at least initially, helping someone. Therefore, in my opinion, he isn't too bad, unlike others who only chat and/or chat through the Help section, which bugs me because I like scrolling through there to help someone, not read chats.

Sorry for the essay​:joy::joy:


Yeah, I always like to help people and look in the yel, section, but instead, it's spammed with chatrooms and RPs and junk. Anything BUT coding.


My. Hair. Is. Not. On. Fire.


I've ranted about the help tab like 15 times before XD


Never find anything there, and I just saw a few RPs clogging up the Newest tab.


Yeah. 202020202020202020


So true! Also, I see a LOT of pieces of art and games —usually geometry dash— cluttering it all up, when they should be in other tabs. Sure some of the Hopscotchers behind these are new so they don't know, but older Hopscotchers do it too! It's really rare to see an actual plea for help - instead we see chatting, RPs, games, websites, and often just messages which have NOTHiNG to do with help, perhaps to get attention.
Sorry if I sound mean but it irks me. Anyone else?


Yeah, it's always like that, but we never even knew there were tabs till what, like December or January? Well, a few months after November…

So we never clogged up the Help tab. Well said, and that doesn't sound mean to me, and I keep thinking I'm SmileyAlyssa.


Hi, @KVJ,
Yes, there are a lot of amazing coders out on Hopscotch but they are using up their skill on silly chats!! Yes, he or she is a very good hopscotcher!!!
Its okay! :wink:


Hi @tankt2016,
EXACTLY! There may be more chatroom projects on hopscotch then actual coding and games!!


:blush: I agree with you!


I completly agree with you @tankt2016, and @KVJ!!!


Yeah, maybe that's why they added a Report Project button. But you gotta check out Velveeta Keeta's chatroom! :wink:
Don't worry, just look in the code. :wink:


Thanks for tagging me, but I am in a few collabs already. :smile:


Thank you I have ONE MORE before I get 2 coding partners so sure!


Code projects together!Do you have hopscotch beta?


Sure check out liza beta release for the forum to get beta