Chatting and RP solution!



So, I'm guessing you've noticed the overload of chatting and RPs on Hopscotch. Many people say they're not coding related, and I agree. I've also seen lots of posts on newest where people aren't doing anything about all of their old text boxes, just shoving them to the side. So, if people are going to chat (I don't support it, even with coding, but...), they should at least try to make it scrollable, so it will be neat, and people would be able to read and make sense of it. Just a thought!


What Do You Think of RPs? (With Polls)

Good idea!! Role plays are okay as long as there is some code!


But then the RP, at one point, is not going to be coded any more, just remixed.


Yeah, that is true. I guess it will turn into endless remixes, but at least the scrolling would do something to make it a little less social media and a little more coding. Good point!


Okay I will try to do that but I'm not making any promises


Thank you so much! I'm glad that you took this into consideration!!!