Chat section for the forum?


I LOVE this new forum, and I know it has this thing, but could you add a regular chat room?


Yeah, I guess this forum is made to help people though and talking about Hopscotch, and not for chatting about random topics. But you can definitely talk about ideas and help each other work on projects! :smiley:


Yeah! I guess so too.


Hey @HoppingBanana!

Great question. You can totally use the forum to talk about Hopscotch—ask a project about a specific project/code, share tips or tricks, talk about working together, and stuff like that.

The forum is not for talking about things that aren't about Hopscotch or that won't be useful to other people (like asking for followers).

Does that make sense?



@Liza Yeah that totally makes sense! I just wanted to be able to talk about projects. Not about non-Hopscotch activities. Thanks for the help!


Nice idea! Could be handy when you need people on the forum to meet.




LOL!! :joy::joy: